Need Legal Services in Brickell? Nunez Law is Here to Serve You

Brickell City Auto Accident LawyerMany people are involved in auto accidents and have a disappointing experience with their insurance companies. Where can you turn for adequate compensation? Nunez Law has the experience and expertise to settle your claim in Brickell to your satisfaction.

We Focus on the Personal Touch

We focus on the personal touch with all our clients. We handle your auto accident case by beginning with a free personal consultation in our office. We make sure we are a good fit for your case. Our staff will ensure that you understand the legal process necessary to obtain the benefits you are seeking and deserve.

We are a small firm and can work closely with you and your family every step of the way. If we accept your case the lawyer(s) assigned to your case, in the beginning, will be the same ones who see you through to the end. Your case will never be outsourced to another attorney you have never met. By working closely together we will achieve the outcomes you and we are seeking. We know that an auto accident can be traumatic. We will listen carefully to your needs and priorities and approach them with our proven strategies. We take on simple and difficult cases because we have the experience and expertise to litigate them.

You Can Put Your Trust in Our Hands

Nunez Law will earn your confidence by following the same successful approach we have used with hundreds of other clients over the years. We will listen carefully to you and thoroughly investigate your accident. We clearly explain what we need from you and other parties and why this is necessary. You will walk away from our office clearly understanding the claims process.

You deserve better than just talking to a receptionist. You will sit down with our lawyer(s) in the office to personally discuss your case. An auto accident case begins with gathering all of the important information needed. Police reports, eyewitnesses, and medical staff will be sought to round out your case. We use all of this to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.

Why You Should Choose Nunez Law for Your Auto Accident Claim

To work in the most professional way we use technology to assist in every aspect of your case:
• We thoroughly document your accident experience
• Our lawyers prepare for your hearing
• We calendar all meetings and events necessary
• Research the appropriate law(s)
• Present your case to the opposition
You can be assured we are on your side from beginning to end.

Bob Nunez Law Brickell City Auto Accident LawyerWe are your advocate with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters try to resolve cases in their company’s favor. That means you will get less than you deserve. That’s why you need a lawyer to stand up for your rights. Our attorneys understand the tactics they employ to resolve your case. Each client auto accident case is different. We will take your case to court if it is necessary to get what you deserve.

Resolving your auto accident case to your satisfaction is our job. Personal injury, damage to your vehicle, and possible damage to other people is traumatic. You have enough on your hands to think about. We want to see that your physical, mental, and emotional suffering is minimal. We want you to feel normal again and we will help you get there. Remember – we bring our legal services to Brickell.