Call Nunez Law if You Have a Motorcycle Accident in Brickell

Brickell City Motorcycle Accident AttorneyMotorcycle accidents are more likely to seriously injure or kill the riders than auto accidents. This startling fact should prompt bike riders to be more aware of the causes of these tragedies so they can avoid them. Think about the common ways motorcyclists are hurt:

Perhaps you know someone who was injured in one of these situations or the accident ended in death for the bike rider. Most people think if they wear a helmet/road clothes, try to be careful, and have adequate insurance they will be OK. The truth is that other people have the freedom to make mistakes, act carelessly, and become distracted – all to a motorcyclist’s detriment.

Some people think they have enough experience to be an expert biker. They think “Nothing is going to happen to me.” Unfortunately, accidents can happen to the best out there. Everyone that rides needs to make a plan in case they are involved in an accident.

What Are the Usual Steps to Take If I Do Have an Accident?

At that point, either you or someone else will call the police to report the incident. An ambulance will be called in case you and/or another person is injured and will be taken to a hospital. A claim will be filed with your insurance company and you will wait to see what happens. One of four common things will occur:

When the last option is needed, Brickell residents will be glad to know the Nunez Law firm is ready to take their case.

I Have Not Been Treated Fairly Following an Accident – To Whom Do I Turn?

Contact Nunez Law Offices if you are injured, facing liability for the accident and/or charges, or causing personal injury or property damages. Our lawyers will help you in a number of critical ways to get your case settled:

Make a list of questions to ask us and we will answer them promptly to move forward with your case and relieve some of your stress. We take a personal interest in each of our clients. We know this is a traumatic time for you and those who care about you. We are passionate about helping you resolve this situation and get back to a normal life.

Why You Should Choose Nunez Law to Handle Your Case 

Nunez Law Brickell CityThere are several major reasons why you should choose Nunez Law. We have the experience to deal with motorcycle accidents. Our attorneys have dealt with your type of motorcycle accident previously. Our outcomes are among the most equitable in the industry.

Do not tackle this claim and procedure by yourself. It’s just too complicated and nerve-racking. We will listen to your entire situation with compassion and understanding. We take copious notes to gather all of the details of the accident. We will determine exactly what you expect to accomplish from our partnership.

We have the expertise to know if you have a solid case and if we should take it. You will find out soon if we think you have a good chance of winning your case. Our attorneys in Brickell will be honest up front and represent you fairly. Give us a call today.