Losing a friend or loved one in a car crash is not something to wish on anyone, and many times the vehicle(s) involved in the crash have a lot to do with the survival rate.  According to the Insurance Insurance for Highway Safety (“IIHS”)  For more details, the IIHS has a search option and ratings for you to see their top safety picks for different kinds of vehicles.

In a brief and interesting report, you can see the 10 vehicles that have the LOWEST ratings for driver deaths; in other words, a person’s chances of dying while driving these vehicles are greatly reduced.

You may recall that in February 2015, we wrote about 10 vehicles with the highest rate of death for drivers and it would not be a bad idea to compare that list to the 10 vehicles with the lowest death ratings. (Prior report discusses the Property Casualty 360 article that listed the “Top 10 Vehicles With Highest Rates of Driver Deaths” – Jan. 30, 2015, by Rosalie L. Donlon).

For more details as to the study by the IIHS, click here: Saving Lives: Improved Vehicle Designs Bring Down Death Rates

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