A Bicycle Accident in Little Havana Can Be Devastating

Bicycle Attorney in Little HavanaRiding a bicycle in Miami and Little Havana can be dangerous. We know that being hit by a car or truck while riding your bicycle can be devastating for you or your companions. When you need legal help following a bike accident with a vehicle, call on Nunez Law to assist with your injuries and claim.

Bicycle crashes in Miami-Dade County have increased from 234 in 2005 to 458 in 2013. That’s a 96% increase in accidents in just 8 years. Dangerous? You bet it is. Being careful is not enough. You must be a defensive driver and cyclist. Be sure to wear a helmet every time you go out. Even the best cyclists can’t always escape the negligence of poor drivers.

We hope you are never involved in an accident like the one pictured at the left. If you are, be sure to get the right medical attention ASAP and get your insurance agent involved right away in your case. Call our lawyers for any legal assistance required.

Bicycle Accidents Come At a Cost

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are more common than we realize. Broken down we see:
• Most occur in urban areas during daylight hours
• The majority of accidents occur near intersections
• Most victims are males over 20 years old
• Bicycle accidents are on the rise – more people are riding
The most common types of injuries affect limbs, chests, abdomens, and heads. No one wants to be involved in one of these mishaps. They never seem to end. If you are in a bicycle injury we hope someone calls for immediate medical attention. Wearing a helmet is a must for any age.

Calling for the EMTs and an ambulance is just the beginning of what you will go through in Little Havana. The police will file an accident report and you may be taken to the hospital. The insurance companies will need to be contacted. If you are seriously injured and you are not compensated fairly you will need an attorney.

How Nunez Law Can Help

Our legal staff is not a large law firm and we don’t want to be. The lawyers you see on our site will be the same whom will help from the beginning to the end. If we take your case it will not be outsourced to a lawyer you have never met. We work closely with our clients in a personal manner. We desire the best possible outcome for each of our clients. Our attorneys listen carefully to your accident experience and investigate it thoroughly.

We want you to trust us to help through some of the toughest times of your live. We will attend to your needs, priorities, and concerns with efficiency. Our successful strategies will be applied to your own case to get the compensation you deserve. We will do our best in all cases – from simple ones to the most difficult because we are a successful accident attorney law firm.

Why You Should Choose Nunez Law for Your Auto Accident Claim

You can put your trust in our law firm because we have handled hundreds of accident claims in Southern Florida. Our lawyers have the experience and expertise to get results from beginning to end. We provide complete legal services to handle your bicycle accident case. Here are the major actions we will take on your behalf:Nunez Law Little Havana
• Use the latest technology to record and litigate your case
• Research the related laws and city ordinances
• Listen thoroughly to your side of the story
• Calendar all meeting and events necessary
• Our lawyers prepare for your hearing
• We prepare YOU for a hearing
• Present your case to the opposition
• Follow through in every way
We are your advocate with the insurance companies and all other entities. You need a lawyer to stand up for your rights if you are treated unfairly. Our attorneys understand the tactics insurance companies take to resolve your case. Each client bike accident case is different. We will take your case to court if it is necessary to get what you deserve.

We want to see that your physical, mental, and emotional suffering is minimal. We want you to feel normal again and we will help you get there. Remember – we bring our legal services to Little Havana. Go to Request Consultation Now on our website, complete the boxes, and send.