Protect Yourself After a Motorcycle Accident in Little Havana with Nunez Law’s Help


Little Havana Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycle accidents range from a single bike spill to the traumatic involving a car or truck. In 2013 there were 88,000  motorcyclists  injured  and  4,668  killed  in accidents. Further statistics are even more alarming when compared to all traffic accidents (2013 NHTSA Safety Facts):


Help is available If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Little Havana and feel you are not getting what you deserve from the insurance companies. Nunez Law will explore your case thoroughly to see how we can represent your needs.


Were You Involved In One of These Situations?


Unfortunately, there are more fatalities in motorcycle accidents than in automobile accidents.

There are a number of common causes for these upsets, including:

Many people think if they and/or their passengers wear helmets/road clothes, try to be careful, and have adequate insurance they will be OK. The truth is that other people have the freedom to make mistakes, act carelessly, and become distracted – all to a motorcyclist’s detriment.


Accidents can happen to the best of us. Everyone that rides needs to make a plan in case they are involved in an accident. Being careful on the road is not enough. You must be a defensive driver 100% of the time. When accidents occur your two best allies are a competent attorney and your insurance agent.


When Your Accident Claim is Not Being Settled Fairly


Nunez Law Offices in Little Havana will assist you when you are injured, facing liability for the accident and/or charges, or causing personal injury or property damages. Our lawyers take the time to listen to every detail of your case so we can compile a realistic picture of the accident.


Be prepared to tell us why you are happy with how the insurance company is representing you and/or why you are not being treated fairly. We take personal interest in each of our clients and stand up to the insurance companies and their lawyers. We know this is a traumatic time for you and those who care about you. We are passionate about helping resolve this situation so you can pay the medical and other bills and return to a normal life.


Nunez Law is Qualified to Handle Your Motorcycle Case in Little Havana


Little Havana Motorcycle Accident AttorneyOur attorneys have represented a number of clients in motorcycle accident cases. We know the traffic laws, liability issues, and how insurance claims are filed. Our outcomes are among the most equitable in the industry and our success rate is high.


Insurance adjusters and their company lawyers will always try to represent their own interests – not yours. Most people do not have the knowledge and skills to adequately deal with them – especially when you are being mistreated. Do not tackle this claim and procedure by yourself. It’s just too complicated and stressful for you and your family.


We take on all cases with compassion for your needs. We gather all of the accident details to determine exactly what you can expect to accomplish from our partnership. We have the expertise to know if you have a solid case and if we should take it. We know our business as well or better than any law firm in South Florida. Give us a call today.