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    All cases are unique and it is our goal to help from beginning to end. It starts with explaining what to expect throughout the claims process, what we will need from you, what needs to be accomplished, and it hopefully ends with a successful resolution.

    The Personal Touch

    When you are in need of legal assistance for your personal injury claim, you want to make sure you receive personal attention. We believe that looking for a Miami car accident lawyer should brought you to the right place.  Call us today for a free case evaluation.

    Information Is Key

    The beginning of a case is very important in that you want to be sure you provide us with all the necessary information about the crash or fall.  The insurance companies have extremely large budgets on their side, and they are counting on you not wanting to spend the time and effort to properly gather the information needed to resolve your personal injury claim.


    While we remember cassette tapes, we embrace technology because it assists everyone in almost every aspect. We use technology to manage our cases, prepare for hearings, , and to present your case to the insurance adjuster. We have the tools to efficiently and effectively help from beginning to end with your insurance claim.


    Insurance adjusters have their own agendas and stories, and chances are we’ve heard them before.  We advocate for clients’ rights against insurance companies since they have their own interests in mind, and we are familiar with tactics they try to employ. Even if it means going to trial on your case, we are able to get you there.


    Few things are more satisfying to a client than resolving a case. We are here to help you resolve your case and try to make you whole after suffering damages. You want to feel normal again and we believe our role is to help you get there. We strive to help every step of the way and we look forward to the opportunity to resolve your claim.

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    NUÑEZ LAW wants to protect your rights.

    Any Accident, Anytime, Anywhere … Help From Beginning To End

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