Call Nunez Law If You Are In a Truck Accident in Little Havana

Some accidents involving a truck and a car are minor, while others result in serious injuries and property damage to one or both parties. If this happens to you in Little Havana and need legal help, don’t hesitate to call upon Nunez Law to investigate your case.


Truck Accident Attorney in Little HavanaTruck drivers make mistakes just like automobile drivers. Many of them are caused by:

We hope you are not seriously hurt and just need legal help to protect your rights. Some times the parties at fault and their insurance companies won’t treat the accident victims fairly. Their lawyers may make it seem like the victim is also at fault. This is where we can help.


We Will Carefully Investigate Your Accident to See If We Can Win Your Case

Our attorneys listen well and are empathetic to our clients. After thoroughly investigating your accident we will promptly led you know your chances of winning and if we will take the case. People usually come to us because they are not being compensated adequately when the other party is at fault. Their injuries may be permanent or cause them to become unemployed and the truck driver’s insurance company refuses to pay the full amount due.


Our attorneys will work hard to make sure you get the best representation possible and answer any questions you may have about a run in with a truck. We have helped many people get the compensation they deserve following an accident.


We Handle Your Case Professionally and with a Personal Touch

Our attorneys get right down to business with your interests in mind. We handle your truck accident case by beginning with a free personal consultation in our office. We make sure we are a good fit for your case. Our staff will ensure that you understand the legal process necessary to obtain the benefits you are seeking and deserve.


We are a small firm and can work closely with you and your family every step of the way. If we accept your case the lawyer(s) assigned to your case in the beginning will be the same ones who see you through to the end. Your case will never be outsourced to another attorney you have never met. By working closely together we will achieve the outcomes you and we are seeking. We know that a truck accident can be traumatic. We will listen carefully to your needs and priorities and approach them with our proven strategies. We take cases ranging from simple to the complex because we have the experience and expertise to litigate them.


Personal Injury Is No Fun in Little Havana

 Personal injuries can range from cuts and scratches to broken bones and serious lacerations. If this happens to you we hope someone calls for medical help immediately. Bills from EMTs, doctors, hospital stays, medications and equipment can add up fast. Not only do you need to be restored to a normal life, you vehicle needs repair or replacement. Many people are overwhelmed by a collision with a larger vehicle like a deliver or semi truck. They need to be represented in an equitable way for all parties.

At times, some of our clients are so shook up they simply do not know how to proceed with their claim and case. This is where we come into play. Our lawyers can a systematic way to approach every aspect of your accident. We leave nothing out and do not take short cuts with your life, limb, and property.

If We Take Your Case We Will Make Sure You Are Treated Fairly and Justly

Little Havana Truck Accident AttorneyYou need to be compensated for every detail and cost connected to your accident. Medical bills are not the only things to be paid. We will help you with:

When thousands of dollars are in the wings you may lose it without an accident attorney’s help.

We make the process of settling your claim simple. You will know what to expect and we will keep you informed every step of the way at Nunez Law.