Truck Accidents Do Happen in Brickell

Brickell City Truck Accident AttorneyIf you were involved in a truck accident in Brickell, call Nunez Law right away for legal help. Truck drivers are busy people and many run on very tight schedules. They do make mistakes and if you happen to be in the way you and your car may suffer serious injury. In a vehicle accident, the larger one typically wins and the smaller one (you) lose.

An auto accident attorney can help you deal with the aftershock of your incident as well as help you deal with the insurance and trucking companies. Our attorneys can help you receive adequate compensation for injuries, property loss, pain, and suffering. Our expertise is used to solve your case when you are denied benefits or there are negligent or drunk drivers involved.

Our attorneys will work hard to make sure you get the best representation possible while answering any question you may have about a run-in with a truck. We have helped many people get the compensation they deserve following a truck wreck.

How We Help with Trucking Accidents

When a delivery or semi truck runs into your car and the driver is negligent, we provide all of the necessary services to settle your claim equitably:

You may run into not being fully compensated. They may offer a settlement that is too low or you may be denied a court date. We will do our best to remedy these situations to your benefit. There is not guarantee that you will win the case. You can agree you have a much better chance of winning by using our expertise and experience.

We Handle Your Case Professionally and with a Personal Touch

Our attorneys get right down to business with your interests in mind. We handle your truck accident case by beginning with a free personal consultation in our office. We make sure we are a good fit for your case. Our staff will ensure that you understand the legal process necessary to obtain the benefits you are seeking and deserve.

We are a small firm and can work closely with you and your family every step of the way. If we accept your case the lawyer(s) assigned to your case, in the beginning, will be the same ones who see you through to the end. Your case will never be outsourced to another attorney you have never met. By working closely together we will achieve the outcomes you and we are seeking. We know that a truck accident can be traumatic. We will listen carefully to your needs and priorities and approach them with our proven strategies. We take cases ranging from simple to the complex because we have the experience and expertise to litigate them.

When You Have Suffered Personal Injury in Brickell

Nunez Law recognizes that personal injuries can be serious, long-term afflictions. When this happens to you we will do everything in our power to see you are adequately compensated. Routine claims receive a fast settlement. If you were involved in an accident with a semi-truck it will be more complicated.

Sometimes the law is unclear to the average plaintiff, or you face complications of having preexisting conditions related to the accident injury. In this example, the insurance adjuster will use that against you to reduce or deny your claim. We will make sure exactly which injuries and to what extent were caused by the truck driver.

Can You Afford Not to Have an Attorney Represent You?

Brickell City Truck Accident AttorneyYou may not be aware of how insurance and trucking companies try to get around the law and their responsibilities to you. Their adjusters may not account for everything such as:

When thousands of dollars are in the wings you may lose it without an accident attorney’s help.

We make the process of settling your claim simple. You will know what to expect and we will keep you informed every step of the way.